Malik is now 4, soon turning 5. However our journey with ASD started shortly after his first birthday. He was hitting all of his milestones on or before the expected times. He was doing great, waving bye-bye, saying “mama”, “dada and was off and running at 10 1/2 months old. The first birthday came and went….and so did most of the things he had learned. He lost the ability to maintain eye contact and speak. Simple things such as going to the grocery store or doctors visits were extremely difficult.

We continuously expressed our concerns to his pediatrician, only to receive responses such as “He’s a boy, they’re slower”, “Your a first time mother”, “Your overly concerned”. After constantly being dismissed by several pediatricians I called the state myself and expressed concerns. I told them we wanted evaluations and assessments done to see what was going on. We were “losing” our son and I wanted to know why.

After moving to California, we found a doctor that finally validated our concerns and told me that he agreed, Malik was showing signs of ASD. I cried in his office for a long time it seemed. I wasnt crying because of the diagnosis, but because I was relieved to finally have someone listen and confirm what we had beleived. At 23 months we received an official diagnosis by the state of California. Our son had severe ASD. He is non verbal with Sensory Integration Disorder. This was the begining of our journey with ASD….and what a long one it was going to be.


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