Balance…is it possible?

I’m often told that I over extend myself…put too much on my plate. But do I have a choice?

I am struggling lately with achieving balance in my life. Between two beautiful special needs children, a husband, job, running a household…and, not to mention trying to find anytime for myself…I can’t seem to maintain a healthy balance in my life. I feel pulled in 15 different directions and never feel as though I am truly fulfilling anyone’s needs, myself included. Not only does this cause feelings of being inadequate as a mother and wife…I feel as though I am failing myself. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for my family…but I want to make sure that in this process I’m not losing myself as well.

How are other mothers in my situation able to reach and maintain a level of balance in their lives. What do we have to give up, or settle on?

The mental struggle is a lot right now. Would appreciate any thoughts or ideas.


About From One Special Mother to Another

I am a mother of two special needs children. I understand both the stress and confusion that it takes to start and continue the process of getting your children the evaluations and assessments needed before and during school years. What I would like to do is provide information and support to parents either just starting, or continuing this process. While at the same time providing a place where other parents can ask questions, share information or just talk to parents who are dealing with similar situations.
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