Parents Rights

So what are your rights as a parent? The law states that they must provide Early Intervention Services for any child birth to age two. Participation in this program is completely voluntary. Just by contacting the program you have taking the first step to helping your child. A service coordinator will be immediately assigned to your family to help guide you through the entire process. Your coordinator will work side by side with you to not only help determine the unique needs of your child, but to make sure that the plan is carried out with their therapists. They are your contact if anything needs to addressed with your child’s case.

Once your child is determined to be eligible for services, a IFSP (Individualized Family Service Plan) is developed by the team and put into place. The IFSP lists the specific needs of your child and how they will be met. This will include the frequency, intensity and method of delivery of services. A list of the services that could be included in your child’s IFSP are:

– Assistive Technology devices and services

– Audiology services

– Early identification, Screening and assessment services

– Family Training, Counseling and Home Services

– Health Services

– Medical Service only for diagnostic or evaluation services

– Occupational Therapy

– Physical Therapy

– Psychological Services

– Service Coordinator

– Signed Language and Cued Language Services

– Social Work Services

– Special Instruction

– Speech-Language Pathology

– Transportation

– Vision Services

During the evaluation process it will be determined how many of these services need to be provided for you and your child to make sure that their developmental and learning experience are optimized. 

If you need any further information about the Early Intervention Services in your area, or questions about our services here in Vegas let me know.


About From One Special Mother to Another

I am a mother of two special needs children. I understand both the stress and confusion that it takes to start and continue the process of getting your children the evaluations and assessments needed before and during school years. What I would like to do is provide information and support to parents either just starting, or continuing this process. While at the same time providing a place where other parents can ask questions, share information or just talk to parents who are dealing with similar situations.
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