What exactly is ASD?

ASD, or Autism Spectrum Disorder effects 1 out of 88 children. When my son was first diagnosed it was 1 out of 120, already a dramatic increase in just a few short years. What are the causes and why is it steadily increasing? Even though many of us have our theories, mercury levels in vaccinations, hormone levels in foods or simply neurological. The government is saying that the actual cause is still a mystery, but the worst thing we can do is ignore the signs. So what are the signs? As we know, Autism is a spectrum disorder so it can come in many different forms and severities.

– Lack of eye contact

– Difficulty in socializing

– Lack of or significantly delayed speech

– Inappropriate play with toys

– Spinning and rolling of objects

– Flapping of arms or hands

– Covering ears with hands

– Apparently insensitive to pain

– Resistant to change

– May not want to cuddle

– Tantrums for no apparent reason

You may see only one or two of these signs, or you may see them all. The most important thing is what you do from the point of recognizing these signs on.


About From One Special Mother to Another

I am a mother of two special needs children. I understand both the stress and confusion that it takes to start and continue the process of getting your children the evaluations and assessments needed before and during school years. What I would like to do is provide information and support to parents either just starting, or continuing this process. While at the same time providing a place where other parents can ask questions, share information or just talk to parents who are dealing with similar situations.
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