Where does the time go?

     I cannot believe that another year came and went…so many things we did, and so many things that we wanted to, but never got the chance. I am making sure to make it a point this year to knock something off the “wanted to, but who has the time” list at least every other month. Take some trips to visit family, make a better attempt at getting Malik to form new relationships with peers, try some new things as well as master some others. Encourage and guide my children everyday to be better people than the day before :-).

      No matter how much is going on in my life, being an amazing parent to my children is ALWAYS priority #1!!!

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My little boy is growing up

            I cannot beleive that tomorrow marks 5 years that Malik has been brightening our days. We have come acrossed steep, endless mountains to climb with each one revealing a beautiful horizon on the other side. Feelings of accomplishment and pride accompany each conquer.

              We might not be anywhere we expected to be when he turned 5, yet we are so much further than I could have hoped for with autism in our lives. I only hope that as each day passes we will continue to face our challenges head on.


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“Grant A Gift”…Autism run

It was such a beautiful day for an amazing event. At Towne Square in Las Vegas there was a fundraising event for the Autism Foundation. It was so wonderful to see so many people gathered together for a GREAT cause. It was a 5k (3.1 miles for those who don’t know) run/walk for hope. You could run in teams or by yourself and help raise money for research. I was team Malik :-). Raised a couple hundred bucks and got to participate in a worthy cause. Might pay for the run a little lol, but worth it.

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Balance…is it possible?

I’m often told that I over extend myself…put too much on my plate. But do I have a choice?

I am struggling lately with achieving balance in my life. Between two beautiful special needs children, a husband, job, running a household…and, not to mention trying to find anytime for myself…I can’t seem to maintain a healthy balance in my life. I feel pulled in 15 different directions and never feel as though I am truly fulfilling anyone’s needs, myself included. Not only does this cause feelings of being inadequate as a mother and wife…I feel as though I am failing myself. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for my family…but I want to make sure that in this process I’m not losing myself as well.

How are other mothers in my situation able to reach and maintain a level of balance in their lives. What do we have to give up, or settle on?

The mental struggle is a lot right now. Would appreciate any thoughts or ideas.

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F.E.A.T. Pump It Up Night

F.E.A.T. is putting on their monthly Pump It Up event. Any child on the spectrum as well as their siblings are welcome to attend and jump until they drop at no charge : ). The event is from 6-8pm at #3200 West Sunset Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89118. Hope to see you there!!

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We’ve ALL been sick : (

Sorry it has been a couple of days, but we have all been a little sick and any extra time I had was taken by cleaning up after my sick children. As most of you know the limited diet a child on the spectrum has makes them very suseptible to illness. Malik brought home some sort of stomach virus. It was horrible! And of course, as usual, my daughter and I got it as well.

One of the tricky things with Autistic children and stomach problems, or even gas, is that they can’t recognize that it is anything different than hunger pains. So they gorge themselves until they eventually throw up. For most kids, this would probably be very easy to recognize. With Malik, however, he eats pretty constantly on a consistent basis. Add this to him being non-verbal and not able to tell me when his poor little tummy hurts makes it difficult to determine what his body his going through until it comes out through vomit or diarrhea.

I think that there needs to be some sort of pixel (picture communication) out there that helps them communicate different ailments that they have. I’m going to look into it, but anybody has any ideas I am welcome to them.

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Parents Rights

So what are your rights as a parent? The law states that they must provide Early Intervention Services for any child birth to age two. Participation in this program is completely voluntary. Just by contacting the program you have taking the first step to helping your child. A service coordinator will be immediately assigned to your family to help guide you through the entire process. Your coordinator will work side by side with you to not only help determine the unique needs of your child, but to make sure that the plan is carried out with their therapists. They are your contact if anything needs to addressed with your child’s case.

Once your child is determined to be eligible for services, a IFSP (Individualized Family Service Plan) is developed by the team and put into place. The IFSP lists the specific needs of your child and how they will be met. This will include the frequency, intensity and method of delivery of services. A list of the services that could be included in your child’s IFSP are:

– Assistive Technology devices and services

– Audiology services

– Early identification, Screening and assessment services

– Family Training, Counseling and Home Services

– Health Services

– Medical Service only for diagnostic or evaluation services

– Occupational Therapy

– Physical Therapy

– Psychological Services

– Service Coordinator

– Signed Language and Cued Language Services

– Social Work Services

– Special Instruction

– Speech-Language Pathology

– Transportation

– Vision Services

During the evaluation process it will be determined how many of these services need to be provided for you and your child to make sure that their developmental and learning experience are optimized. 

If you need any further information about the Early Intervention Services in your area, or questions about our services here in Vegas let me know.

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